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Data Mining & Analysis

The data most useful to your business is often inaccessible or simply too time consuming to obtain.

Transforming data into information

Aptara is able to mine raw data, numbers, and statistics and transform them into powerful business insight.

Aptara aggregates and analyzes large volumes of information from databases, websites, and customer feeds, then classifies and transforms it into formats that can be easily presented or exported to any database. With this data we can:

  • Analyze compensation and bonus plans
  • Track IPOs
  • Research funding programs
  • Analyze implications of new regulations
  • Compile lists
  • Analyze financial statements
  • Verify affiliations and contact details
  • Analyze research papers in any field
  • Ensure accurate data on retail sites

Transforming information into knowledge

We work with manual gathering techniques like phone call validation, online interviews and surveys, and with proprietary automation tools and customized, perpetual-motion web spiders and crawlers.

All are put to use to find the information you want and then synthesize it into the knowledge you need.

Transforming knowledge into content

Aptara’s data mining goes beyond simply “search, find, and retrieve”: we consider the nature of your data, how you’ll be using it, and how we can increase its utility.

Our subject matter experts—in business, law, financial services, technology, healthcare, and academia—translate this information into meaningful information in the form of clear, concise reports and white papers, as well as easy-to-navigate databases.

In short: Aptara augments your internal data mining capabilities, makes them scalable, and expands the scope of your subject matter expertise quickly and cost-effectively.