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Digital Product Strategy

If your organization is like most, it has vast amounts of valuable content that was created before digital delivery existed, let alone became a business necessity.

Going digital

Digital content is searchable, faster to deliver, easier to repurpose, and less costly to update.

The availability of digital content provides effective real-time sales and communication opportunities that can turn customers into loyal customers, productive employees into profitable employees, and learners into successful students. In short, digital content benefits the bottom line.

Getting digital

Getting there starts with an overarching digital content and product strategy that identifies the appropriate content creation and/or repurposing approach, as well as the content architecture, workflow, delivery mediums, and packaging required.

Being digital

Choices made about support for specific targeted mobile devices and content technology platforms have long-term consequences.

Aptara consultants assess the trends in your vertical market and separate fad from fact. We elicit content strategy requirements and weigh your organization’s business goals and your audience’s needs, in order to recommend a content technology and production approach appropriate to your content strategy.

The result is an action plan for repurposing and/or repackaging your content to produce the best digital content products for improving your profitability.