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Learning Technology Services

Staying ahead of the competition requires an extraordinary workforce. Stellar performance requires first-class training. And superior training demands the right technology.

It’s not just about employing the latest eGadget for distributing courses—it’s about building the optimal training experience for your learners based on how and where they learn.

Assessment that yields technology that works

Aptara helps companies evaluate, redesign, and optimize their learning technology ecosystem through automation, process reengineering, and deploying the appropriate technology for their performance goals.

Our experts assess your entire learning technology infrastructure, including your learning management systems (LMS), human resources information systems (HRIS), and any systems used to manage and evaluate knowledge and performance.

We examine their administration and maintenance requirements, their reporting capabilities, and their usability, integration, and ROI. Then we retool current systems or recommend new ones better suited to your learning goals. And if there’s no off-the-shelf solution that meets your business requirements, we can adapt an open source option.

The right experts, the right solutions

Aptara employs specialists in systems integration, infrastructure, eMigration, Cloud integration, analytics, and mobile technologies. Together, they develop and carry out action plans that turn traditional training approaches into agile, multichannel learning courseware for any learner population.

With a 20-plus-year legacy of technology thought leadership, we help our clients navigate today’s changing technology landscape. The result is the right innovation to meet your performance goals and improve your bottom line—faster.