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Localization & Translation

Developing content only in English neglects a considerable segment of your potential audience.

There is no substitute for connecting with employees, partners, and customers in their native tongues and regional dialects.

Partnering with Aptara to handle translation, localization, and content integration is a cost-effective way to improve corporate communications—and promote your brand—globally. 

100 languages, 12-hour turnarounds

Whether we create the content or you supply it, Aptara can localize and translate any volume in more than 100 languages, securely and confidentially.

We handle every medium—from websites to reports, white papers to case summaries, eLearning courseware to sensitive legal and financial documentation. Our Medical Transcription teams work in HIPAA-compliant secured environments.

Our 12-hour turnaround times and round-the-clock operations and customer support translate into speedy delivery and a substantial cost savings. And that’s good news in any language.