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Managed Learning Services

Your company has shifting and seasonal learning needs. But your in-house learning and development staff isn’t large enough to meet peak learning demands—or adaptable enough to provide the variable skill sets necessary.

Aptara’s Learning Content & Technology teams can increase your capacity to develop and deliver training quickly and affordably.

Flexible capacity, short- or long term

Our managed teams of learning experts are assembled specifically for each client. Our flexible service delivery model is tailored to your budget and the project’s scope, and backed by the resources to scale up or down rapidly.

Whatever combination of services you require, our subject matter experts are available on demand. We assemble the right team for a single long-term project, many shorter projects over the long term, or an open-ended engagement.

Aptara helps you take the variability out of expense planning and efficient operational usage.

Efficient staffing, extensive capabilities, affordable delivery

Strategic learning analysis. Content development. Content migration. Mobile app development. Learning management systems (LMS) integration. Learning administration services (LAS).

Do you need a large pool of resources dedicated to a single service? Aptara has the resources to assemble the right subject matter experts quickly and then transfer that function from your payroll to ours. We nimbly accommodate the ebbs and flows of your workload.

Need a fuller set of services? Aptara offers you the entirety of our experts and development teams, combined as needed to get the whole job done right, whatever its duration.

And of course, our professional services model is available for more targeted, shorter-term projects.

Not just a vendor, a partner

Aptara begins all managed service partnerships by developing an engagement strategy. For consistency, the partnership is managed holistically by a single project manager for its entirety. And for transparency, our project managers maintain regularly scheduled open communication with our clients.

Indeed, the members of an Aptara Learning Content & Technology team become a seamless extension of your own operations—right down to their email addresses and the employee orientations they receive. Our learning professionals get to know you, your business profile, your learning priorities, and your preferences.

So you can keep your own learning organization lean while providing a full range of quality services—without the costs associated with rediscovery.