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Packaging for Multichannel Delivery

A cable TV field tech should be able to access product and service manuals on his laptop, personal iPhone or iPad, or company-issued device. A college student should be able to read her chemistry homework on her laptop, finish it the next morning on her tablet over coffee, then review it on her smartphone on the way to class.

Multiple devices, multiple formats, one solution

More and more consumers are using more than one mobile device. As eReaders, smartphones, and tablets proliferate, so too do the digital content formats required to deliver content to each device. Each device has different screen dimensions, functionalities, and operating systems, so each handles and displays what should be the same content differently.

The universe of eBooks

An eBook configured for the Amazon Kindle must be delivered by different apps to render on a Droid tablet or an iPad. A training manual prepared for a Google tablet won’t automatically be readable via Safari on a MacBook Pro. And games, social media, and other apps introduce additional, device-specific complexities.

Aptara maintains professional relationships with the most popular eReader companies. Our mobile content solutions for eBooks can therefore prepare your content for all eReaders and smartphones on the market, including Apple’s iPad and iPhone, Amazon’s Kindle, Kobo’s family of devices and apps, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK, and Samsung’s Android-based tablets and smartphones.

All content, all devices

Whether you’re providing your readers an engaging alternative to the printed page or distributing updated sales and compliance information in real time to professionals in the field, Aptara prepares and produces content that:

  • Serves from a single source file to multiple devices,
  • Leverages the maximum functionality of each device, and
  • Ensures that you can meet the needs of all your readers

Aptara makes certain that your content works comfortably, that your message remains clear, and that your users have the intended experience—on whatever device they choose.

So you can keep your footing even as the terrain of eReaders and complex formats continues to shift.