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Research & Reporting

Knowledge may be power, but accumulating it often involves extensive data collection and analysis.

Know thy customer (and thy competitor)

Ever-changing customer preferences and competitive markets create a need for informed, accurate, and up-to-the-minute product and service information.

What’s your competition up to? What eBook formats are selling best? How are the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Affordable Care Act affecting insurance premiums and Medicaid reimbursements? What’s the risk profile and financial viability of your vendors?

Collect. Analyze. Report.

Whether it’s identifying and examining thousands of web pages, databases, and customer feeds, or combing through tens of thousands of insurance claims, contracts, emails, and pathology reports, Aptara’s subject matter experts (SMEs) locate key information and assemble quality data.

We then synthesize that data into practical, comprehensive, crystal clear reports, white papers, and databases that arm you with clear insights and knowledge—whatever your organization needs to make savvy business decisions.

Aptara: the market research experts

Effective market research gathers the right data, targets the right people, and asks the right questions.

Our industry experts examine data for trends, analyze the trends, and present prescient, succinct reports on our findings.

We can conduct market surveys and provide you with product comparisons and market research for determining market size and customer profiles—or when to launch a new product and how to price it.

Because information changes from minute to minute, Aptara’s content monitoring teams track the evolution of the information you’re interested in, monitor industry trends, and provide regular updates on that information.

Scalable and secure

Aptara’s dedicated analysis and reporting teams can handle any size project and any number of projects simultaneously. Our locked-down data networks and surveilled controlled-access offices provide state-of-the-art security so you can be confident that your data is protected to the highest standards.