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Resourcing Strategy

Remaining competitive in the digital age requires producing quality content faster and for less. Staffing is a critical variable in that equation.

Consultant or permanent hire? Outsourced or in-house? The right decision will affect your editorial and technology capabilities, the quality of your output, customer loyalty, and your bottom line.

Temporary, permanent, or both

Aptara helps you determine the content staffing strategy that will reduce costs through increased efficiencies, without sacrificing content quality.

If it’s not the right time for a permanent hire—and the related overhead—Aptara’s subject matter experts can identify the right candidates from its own resource pool and deploy them on-site. We place professionals across the entire content production lifecycle, from conception to delivery.

If a temporary or permanent hire will be most beneficial to your organization, Aptara’s network of industry-specific recruiters and content consultants will find the right content professional for the job. 

And if outsourcing makes the most sense, Aptara’s extensive staff of content creators, designers, editors, and technologists is at your disposal:

  • Art directors

  • Content developers

  • Copy editors

  • Copywriters

  • Developmental editors

  • Document transformation specialists

  • Editorial assistants

  • Graphic designers

  • Interactive eBook specialists

  • MathML experts

  • Production editors

  • Project managers

  • Proofreaders

  • Rights and permissions administrators

  • Typographers