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Systems Training

Smart systems training. Smarter learners.

Effective systems training requires more than customized learning materials: it must be an outgrowth of a learning ecosystem.

Thorough analysis

Aptara begins every systems training initiative with a holistic analysis of your existing learning landscape; this investigation culminates in a strategic map for the road ahead, one that meets performance goals through our uniquely comprehensive systems training offerings.

The right modalities

We design, develop, and deploy engaging systems training programs based on how and where your employees like to learn, with curricula structured for delivery to any platform or device. The result: increased retention and performance.

Beginning-to-end or mid-project engagements

Our clients turn to us for systems training projects from start to finish: strategic planning to learner assessment.

Because we work with some of the industry’s biggest players—including SAP, Oracle, Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, and Aon Hewitt—and have the capacity to quickly ramp-up, we’re also called in mid-deployment to help with other firms’ projects—or rescue faltering ones plagued by scope creep.


Comprehensive resources, tactical deployment

Does your project need instructional designers? project managers? trainers? system-specific learning experts? Aptara’s national network of learning professionals means that we can quickly assemble the right personnel with the right backgrounds and skills to work onsite or remotely at any stage of any systems training project.

Integrated change management, improved learner performance

Aptara’s experts know that large-scale system integrations impact your employees’ responsibilities, change your performance expectations, and necessitate accurate assessment.

A successful learning program must therefore be paired with a proactive change management strategy that minimizes disruption and should be measured by its ability to achieve pre-defined performance improvement goals—not by the number of new courses developed.

Aptara. Solutions for the complete systems training lifecycle.