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Web Content Management

Website content must be managed soundly to be monetized successfully. But sound content management is a tricky proposition when the content is constantly changing.

Using eCommerce platforms like ATG, Drupal, Magento, and Squiz, Aptara provides comprehensive content management for website text, illustrations, and photos. We even manage the subscriber, product, and location data needed to establish custom pricing models and oversee product push and placement.

Sales and validation

A soundly managed eCommerce site is both an alluring point-of-purchase and a well-honed sales and marketing tool. But up-selling, cross-selling, and data validation activities don’t always justify investing in in-house resources. Aptara can manage SKUs and prices, track promotions against pricing, and suggest cross-selling opportunities.

Aptara can email or call existing advertisers to promote the benefits of larger ads and expanding their placement purchases to other products.

For data-dependent products like online directories, Aptara emails or calls customers to verify—and update as necessary—the contact information from a previous issue for placement in the next issue.

Aptara: the content company

With Aptara managing your website content, you can concentrate on what matters most: the products and services you’re selling.