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Workflow Design

A streamlined content workflow will get multichannel products to market faster and more easily—while lowering production costs.

Aptara has been an industry innovator in digital publishing for more than 25 years. We pioneered the development of automated workflows that produce content for multiple channels, simultaneously.

Get digital right—the first time

Fortunately, retooling your workflows doesn’t have to mean recreating your content creation and production methods from scratch. Our reengineering maintains as much of your current way of authoring, editing, designing, producing, and tracking as possible, while allowing you to store, manage, repurpose, and repackage content to ready it for expedited delivery to your readers.

Our advanced web-based XML workflows enable your authors to write and design in familiar applications like Microsoft Word, InDesign, LaTeX, Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher, and the Adobe Creative Suite of applications.

What’s first—digital or print?

Based on the type of content that your organization creates and your goals for that content, we may recommend our own PXE4 Digital Publishing Platform or a separate content management system that can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

Similarly, we may recommend that workflows remain print-first or suggest that they become digital-first—whatever’s best for the efficient delivery of your content via multiple channels, as today’s readers demand.

Aptara: the digital workflow experts

Whether you need to produce digital-only, digital-first, or print and digital products simultaneously, our content technology expertise and strong relationships with device manufacturers keep you up-to-date on the latest developments and specifications of new formats and app technologies—often before they are publicly announced.

We’ve gained knowledge from helping hundreds of customers boost production efficiency, accelerate production schedules, and lower operational costs, which makes Aptara singularly suited to design, implement, and successfully manage your workflows.