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National Injury Law Firm


This national law firm specializes in complex litigation on behalf of clients who have been injured. The settlements they have made and the verdicts they have won have recovered billions of dollars for their clients.  


Injury cases can hinge on an attorney’s ability to distill a client’s life story into a few key events. 

Largest U.S. Court Reporting Company


America’s largest court reporting company offers sophisticated technical services that include real­time reporting, language interpretation, text and video streaming, and videoconferencing. 


To help its law firm clients control costs, the company wanted to begin offering deposition summary services and looked to an outside source of legal experts to process huge volumes of client depositions. 

National Court Reporting Company


With more than 50 offices across the United States, this court reporting company offers end-to-end litigation support services to law firms and legal departments.


As any lawyer knows, there is no substitute for concise, detailed, and promptly delivered deposition summaries. To respond to its clients’ cost concerns, this court reporting firm, one of the nation’s largest, had to find an efficient, economical way to summarize large volumes of depositions—without sacrificing quality.



LexisNexis, the largest provider of computer-assisted legal research services, has been publishing directories for attorneys and law firms since 1868. These industry-leading hardbound—and more recently Internet-based—directories have allowed lawyers and consumers of legal services to quickly and easily find the right legal professional to handle any matter.


LexisNexis’s, a fundamental industry resource, profiles over one million lawyers and law firms.

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