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Digitization and Conversion

Digital Content Development


Since the 1990s, Aptara has performed multiple digitization projects for IEEE. A primary ongoing project requires the conversion of content in Word/TeX format to XML, at a volume of approximately 50,000 pages annually. For another project, Aptara converted 280,000 microfilm and other hard-copy source documents into PDFs and XML compatible with IEEE’s Xplore digital library. In 2011, IEEE awarded Aptara a project to convert a large backlist of journals, conference materials, magazines, and standards. Materials are converted from PDF, XML, and SGML formats into refined XML/HTML output for subscribers to view on IEEE’s Xplore digital library. Multiple tasks are streamlined and automated using iZone, a proprietary Aptara tool for content extraction and cleanup as well as automated scripts for converting text into XML and HTML. The tool also converts complex math content into coded language. Highly specialized QC tools process multiple articles concurrently, contributing to process accuracy. To handle the considerable volume—approximately 11 million pages in just 2.5 years—Aptara has implemented an efficient, highly effective process that provides output in the required timeframe.