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Leading Credit Card Issuer

Customer Satisfaction in Any Language: Credit Card Issuer Launches Bilingual Phone and Chat CRM

Customer Lifecycle Management
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One of America’s leading issuers of Visa and MasterCard credit cards, this company primarily services customers who need to establish or rebuild their credit and do not meet the qualifying criteria of other banks. 


To satisfy the needs of an expanding, global customer base, this company sought a partner who could provide bilingual customer service and: 

  • respond to account queries efficiently 
  • explain the service benefits of their express payment option to cardholders 
  • accept payments 24/7 
  • identify problems and provide solutions quickly 
  • improve closing ratios on conversions and guide customers through payment options 
  • provide online chat support for web­based payments 
  • handle offline transaction volume 


Working with the client’s own teams, Aptara specialists developed a detailed map of existing operations. By fixing shortcomings in the workflow, standardizing protocols, and implementing tiered service provision, the team developed an efficient processing system that makes use of legacy technology and maintains familiar workflows. 

The Aptara management team also developed custom training for the growing number of customer relationship management (CRM) agents so they could deliver the highest level of support and compliance. 

Pre­defined service­level agreements (SLAs) included: 

  • average handling time (AHT) 
  • average speed of answering (ASA) 
  • quality and abandon percentages 
  • conversion percentages of live fulfillment calls 
  • assurance of zero “presidential complaints” due to quality of service 


When this leading credit card issuer turned to Aptara for a customer service solution in 2008, 25 trained agents were dedicated to servicing its accounts. Today, 250 bilingual customer support agents service everything related to credit cards: express payment processing, live chat, reporting lost or stolen cards, offline transaction processing, and more. 

The cohesive customer service operation that Aptara designed and implemented meets all of the company’s SLAs, including: 

  • delivering zero cardholder complaints to external agencies such as the Better Business Bureau, the attorney general’s office, or the bank president’s office 
  • scaling up to accommodate an average of 15,000 to 20,000 monthly back­office transactions as well as fraud reports and recording transcription 
  • achieving 100% call recording with 90­day call retention and a quality score of 98+% 

To ensure continued results, Aptara conducts external calibration sessions with the client twice a week, maintains complaint logs to track potential trends and develop preemptive measures, meets with the client monthly to ensure that best practices are adopted. 

Aptara continues to provide quality service to this company's growing bilingual customer base.