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National Court Reporting Company

Expanded Offerings: Court Reporting and Deposition Summaries from a Single Source

Custom Content Services


With more than 50 offices across the United States, this court reporting company offers end-to-end litigation support services to law firms and legal departments.


As any lawyer knows, there is no substitute for concise, detailed, and promptly delivered deposition summaries. To respond to its clients’ cost concerns, this court reporting firm, one of the nation’s largest, had to find an efficient, economical way to summarize large volumes of depositions—without sacrificing quality.


Aptara, a leader in legal content processing, understood that the key to meeting the company’s outsourcing needs would be a formal workflow on par with that of a law firm or legal department.

Aptara’s process and performance criteria meet the following standards:

Credentials: Aptara’s deposition summary team is comprised entirely of carefully screened university and law school graduates who write English professionally and concisely. They demonstrate articulate, concise English and are taught to summarize—not evaluate—testimony.

Format: Each deposition is read multiple times before it is summarized. Summaries are page and line specific. They are organized by party, place, and topic to suit and reference all exhibits. And each summary provides quotes to use in determinative motions and identifies specific areas for follow-up.

Customization: Aptara delivers summaries in all standard digest forms and can accommodate custom deposition formats as well.

Quality assurance: Each deposition summary undergoes a quality control process that checks its format, accuracy, length. Each summary is then proofread and reviewed by someone other than the author.

Confidentiality: Aptara adheres to strict confidentiality regulations with formal procedures to avoid conflicts of interest.

Security: Deposition summaries are prepared on secure computers at Aptara’s state-of-the-art facilities.

Volume and turnaround: Aptara’s flexible staffing means it can scale quickly to accommodate varying capacity needs and to provide 24-hour turnaround.

Digital/mobile delivery: Summaries can be formatted for the iPad, iPhone, all eReaders, and other tablets and smart phones; they can be delivered on CD and as hard copy.

Rates: Billing by the page keeps costs fixed, regardless of the deposition’s complexity.


The outcome has been an industry innovation: a court reporting company that also offers deposition summarizing services. In less than a year, with Aptara’s help, the company became the largest provider of deposition summaries. To date, it has summarized more than 2 million pages at a rate of more than 150 depositions per day.


The National Court Reporting Company’s customers benefit from:

  • cost savings
  • ability to focus on higher value, core legal work
  • case continuity
  • 24/7/365 service availability
  • deadline discipline
  • deposition budgets that withstand scrutiny and audits