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Time Inc.

Content Transformation: Faster, Better and at Scale

Digital Content Development


One of the largest media companies in the world, Time Inc. reaches more than 130 million people each month with its magazines and publications. 


Time Inc. was under pressure to cut XML production turnaround times for nine of its most popular consumer magazines: Entertainment Weekly, Fortune, Fortune International, Health, People, Sports Illustrated, Time, Time International, and Time Style & Design.


Aptara established an efficient process for converting live magazine content into PRISM (Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata) XML, a standard, reusable document type definition (DTD). A project team expert in PRISM DTD then designed a custom production process to handle the required content volumes. 

Aptara’s Power Edit application, a sophisticated rules-based tool for content analysis, normalization, and editing, became the engine behind turnaround times as fast as two hours.

To ensure success with such an aggressive deadline, Aptara needed to analyze the source materials for content granularity and compatibility with PRISM, as well as accurately map and tag content.

Aptara provided:

  • a dedicated, U.S.-based manager to optimize communications with Time Inc. staff
  • devoted programmers working staggered shifts
  • training, support, and real-time feedback, online and via phone
  • automated content processing technology 

Prior to going live, Aptara conducted a pilot to identify and remove potential problems and to confirm quality control procedures. Volume stress-testing proved that the process could be scaled to meet increased demand without missing deadlines.


The custom-designed workflow for converting Time’s magazine content to XML went live in just ten weeks, with a system that converts the content within two hours of receipt.

Vigilant process monitoring continues to ensure that Time Inc.’s specified quality standards are consistently met—and often exceeded.