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Replace your stringent, manual collection process with a custom, automated solution.

Aptara’s SciPris platform automates the collection of fees from authors, funding agencies, and institutions. This flexible solution is customized to the publisher’s fee entry point and workflow, and facilitates the collection of a variety of fees – Open Access, submission, publishing, color figure, reprint, and permissions.

Flexible Entry Points

What sets SciPris apart from the competition? Customization. Collecting submission fees? Users can connect via single sign-on through your manuscript submission system.

Publishing, Open Access, or color figure fees? Users can follow the same single sign-on through your peer review or production management system at the submission stage for a “preview cost” followed by final collection of fees after acceptance. Or, simply introduce users to SciPris at any time post-acceptance.

Reprint or Permissions fees? You can direct users to SciPris at any time to place and process reprint orders or to secure permissions and a customizable reuse license.

User journeys based on each publisher’s unique business rules

Variable Payment Options: Fees can easily be split between multiple authors or payees and can be calculated and paid in multiple currencies. Discounts based on affiliation, membership, or demographic can be predefined in the auto-calculation of the fee or requested by the user for publisher review. Payments can be made via major credit card, wire transfer, EFT, printed/mailed invoice, prepaid account, PayPal or periodic invoice.

Funding Agencies and Institutions: An author can forward their invoice to a designated payer with grant information and other metadata. Funding agencies or institutions paying on behalf of an author can set up a prepaid account or process using standard methods.

Search and Reporting: Available for all user types, including a publisher’s portal to access customized reports

Expedited Revenue Collection: Publishers receive their revenue distribution within days. Our cost-effective fee structure is straightforward and does not consume a large percentage of your critical revenue stream.

Multi-Point APIs: SciPris uses customer-specific APIs to connect with a publisher’s peer review/production management system, AR/financial system, and more to ensure end-to-end visibility throughout the process.

24-Hour User Support: We provide a dedicated customer support team for each publisher throughout your workday, as well as round-the-clock support for users via email, chat, and phone based on preferences.

Roadmap Influence: As a SciPris client, you are now part of a growing collection of publishers enjoying the benefits of having an APC collections platform customized to your unique requirements, and having a say in the functionality added to this publishing ecosystem.