Data Management Services

Anti-Money Laundering, Financial Crimes, & Compliance Solutions

Aptara can work as your global back-office to support all compliance-related requirements while ensuring business continuity and cost-effectiveness. 

Content Enrichment

Enriching your content increases its discoverability, value, efficiency, governance, and, even more significantly, makes your content more actionable.

Secondary Research & Database Management

Aptara considers the nature of the data, how you’ll be using it, and how we can increase its value.

LPO & Litigation Support Services

Aptara has end-to-end solutions that can be utilized to improve your contract review process.

Organizational Support Services

Aptara offers cost-effective Organizational Support Services that don’t compromise on quality.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

In a world where eCommerce and social media have replaced print advertising, you need to integrate social media into your organization.

Aptara is listed in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory.

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