Portal & eCommerce Solutions

A superior eCommerce website interface is simple to navigate, making it easy for your customers to make purchases.


Its back end manages hundreds of thousands of data elements accurately and integrates with existing fulfillment systems. Customizing sales options is straightforward. Tracking and adjusting to user behavior is uncomplicated.

User- and Administrator-Friendly

Aptara’s HTML5-based responsive architectures make your site’s interface user-friendly on any device—desktop or mobile. They provide payment gateways for PayPal, Authorize.Net, and others. And your website’s user interfaces will be customizable for multiple brands or corporate identities.


For managers, its back end will include the sales process and content management control. Integrated analytics will track and report on inventory and payment cycles. Customizing discount options and promotions will be simple and clear-cut. And the site will adjust to visitor behavior automatically.

One partner = smooth sailing

A single partner with a single-solution approach can mean the difference between a straightforward integration and a tangled, protracted, and costly implementation.


Aptara content technologists, content architects, content developers, and GUI designers use the right industry-standard CMS/eCommerce platform (Magento, Drupal) to ensure top-notch functionality.


By partnering with Aptara, you can leave all of the project coordination to a single vendor with multiple competencies. That translates into a smooth website implementation and lower build-out and setup costs.


And the top-notch functionality provided by Aptara’s wide-ranging expertise translates into higher revenues and ROI, increased market share, and greater market visibility.

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