PXE4 Digital Publishing Platform

You’ve been producing printed materials for years. Now your customers want to read that content on various platforms—PCs, eReaders, smartphones, and tablets, via websites, etc.


You’ve struggled to meet this demand for digital, multiplatform content. You may even have rigged a workflow to repurpose print content for digital delivery that patches together several disjointed systems.


Aptara’s PXE4TM Digital Publishing Platform can meet your readers’ expectations for dynamic content delivered when and where they want it while reducing costs and turnaround time.


Your content source, your workflow

Aptara’s end-to-end publishing system delivers content from a single source to eReaders, tablets, PCs, and print with the click of a button.


Most importantly, PXE4 supports your existing production workflow and minimizes disruptions to your team and production cycles.PXE4 being web-based, subject matter experts, reviewers, authors, and editors collaborate seamlessly, resulting in efficient content workflows and supply chains.


Much more than Workflow Management

PXE4’s ability to customize collaborative, digital-first content production is rooted in its XML-based technology and its web-based, MS Word-like interface.


By optimizing production and workflows via a central content repository, PXE4 offers solutions to your content creation puzzles:

  • Integrated workflow encompassing content creation, editing, and formatting
  • Elimination of traditional manual editing environments and processes
  • Increased revenue from reduced time to market and new product opportunities
  • Collaborative content editing and review via a web-based environment
  • Specialized markup of subject matter for multichannel distribution
  • Enhanced version control that allows users to revert to any prior document version
  • Access control
  • Integrated digital rights management
  • Server-based upgrades
  • Email-based notifications and reports to users
  • Cross-platform, browser-agnostic access

PXE4 also integrates directly with Adobe InDesign 5/5.5 and can hook into any Content Management System (CMS), Digital Rights Management System (DRMS), and Digital Asset Management System (DAMS).


In short, PXE4 is a better authoring, production, and distribution model for yielding new ways to monetize your content faster than ever before.

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