Googling is Evolving


Have your books dropped out of the top-tier search results on Amazon,, and Google? If so, they’re becoming hard for readers to find, therefore less likely to be purchased.

The immense volume of content on the web today has created immense competition for the prominence of a first-page search result.

Whether you’re marketing books or eBooks, your tactics have to be reinvented for the digital marketplace. Those marketing tactics must be regularly assessed and optimized to remain effective.

Lost and found

BookBeacon is the difference between getting lost or being found online. Aptara helps authors and publishers improve the digital BookBeacon of their products, also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), by:

  • Identifying, implementing, and regularly updating SEO metadata
  • Adopting Internet-appropriate cover designs and eye-catching thumbnails that attract web-browsing consumers
  • Employing social media techniques to improve SEO
  • Promoting online communities organized around your authors

Discovering BookBeacon

BookBeacon, Aptara’s new custom discoverability tool, accelerates SEO by examining, in real-time, the searches of millions of web users to identify and update the appropriate metadata.


Algorithms identify keywords and metadata based on your books’ content and subject matter. Then that metadata is cross-pollinated with trending contemporaneous searches. Because that data and those keywords must be updated continually, we provide you with immediate, ongoing feedback on what those changes should be, and even execute them for you.


You’ll know you’re getting results because BookBeacon tracks the increase in page rank, providing you with a straightforward way to demonstrate ROI.


By partnering with Aptara, the Internet becomes a revenue-producing engine rather than just another sales and distribution channel.

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