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For over 30 years, Aptara has delivered industry-leading solutions and expertise to STEM, humanities, trade books, and magazine publishers of all sizes. These organizations lean on us to help them navigate an ever-evolving landscape through the adoption of the latest technologies to meet modern compliance mandates.


Building off three decades of our core competencies of copyediting, tagging, and composition. Aptara has evolved into a solutions-based service provider blending subject matter expertise with modern-day AI technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing to build platform-based workflows that strike a balance between fast turnaround and sustainable quality, all while reducing the cost of publishing.


As the demands of publishing have progressed from simply producing a printed version through the mail to tagging digital versions with various elements of multimedia and hyperlinks, Aptara continues to expand its service offering to meet the holistic needs of today’s publishers through APC collection, data mining, accessibility tagging, peer review management support, image forensics and multi-channel deliverables formatted as XML, HTML5, and ePub.



Open Access

For our journal publishing clients, the advent of Open Access (OA) has created a seismic shift from subscription-based sales to author-pays models to transformative agreements. Aptara is constantly retooling technologies and workflows to meet the new demands and evolving requirements of outside stakeholders (authors, institutions, and funders). Today’s solutions must be metadata-driven, agile, and reflect the vagaries of global eCommerce, and Aptara’s platform-based solutions can flexibly plug into the publishing workflow at the point that makes the most sense.



Ready for What’s Next

Leveraging our 30 plus years of publishing experience and the adoption of the latest technologies has led Aptara to the creation of many new services, including SciPris, CANDICE, and more. We stand ready to help your publishing program meet the challenges of tomorrow through collaboration today. Use the links on the upper right part of this page to explore our Publishing Service lines further, or contact us directly to start the conversation.

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