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    Aptara can work as your global back-office to support all compliance-related requirements while ensuring business continuity and cost-effectiveness. 


    Enriching your content increases its discoverability, value, efficiency, governance, and, even more significantly, makes your content more actionable.


    Aptara considers the nature of the data, how you’ll be using it, and how we can increase its value.


    Aptara has end-to-end solutions that can be utilized to improve your contract review process.


    Aptara offers cost-effective Organizational Support Services that don’t compromise on quality.


    In a world where eCommerce and social media have replaced print advertising, you need to integrate social media into your organization.

    Aptara is listed in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory.

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    Content Tagging & Translation.

    Documents prepared for healthcare clients by a translation company were noncompliant with a key federal regulation- ADA of the Rehabilitation Act


    Financial advisory services to a broad cross-section of corporate and governmental agencies.

    Strategic Learning Analysis for National Audit Divisions to support new Mandatory Compliance Training initiative.

    american express

    America’s leading financial services company.

    The organization needed to avoid the internal and external compliance risks and violation of the usual standards.

    Senior Operations Manager

    “Aptara expertly navigated our path from print to digital to mobile. By transforming how we create and deliver product documentation and training, we’ve been able to establish new revenue streams and substantially cut expenses.”

    Global Content Management Director

    “Aptara’s PXE4 Digital Publishing Platform works like a well-oiled machine, giving us the flexibility to repurpose content for any delivery channel—from print and PCs to tablets, eReaders, and smartphones. PXE4 has created a better distribution model and new ways to monetize our content.”

    Director, Publishing Operations

    “Aptara’s unique combination of digital technology and publishing expertise has streamlined and simplified our operations. We now have a single, trusted content production partner to handle all of our digital publishing needs.”

    Director of eBusiness – Elsevier

    “Aptara’s unique pairing of technology expertise and publishing industry savvy made them a natural fit for this high-profile project. Going forward, Aptara will play a key role in our eCommerce platform, managing the content, and maintaining the level of quality Elsevier is determined to continue to offer its customers.”


    “If you’re under pressure to improve both organizational performance and ROI, you need an experienced partner with expertise in every aspect of corporate learning and performance.”

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