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Inkling Partnership

Hundreds of specialists, thousands of titles

Inkling Habitat is a publishing platform for creating beautiful, engaging, interactive eBooks with media-rich, interactive content. As Inkling’s preferred partner, Aptara works directly with content producers to transform their ideas into exciting digital products.

Aptara’s content architects, instructional and interactive designers, and CSS and HTML5 experts collaborate with publishers to envision, spec, and create market-leading interactive trade, education, and professional eBooks, as well as corporate documentation and courseware.

Hundreds of specialists, thousands of titles

Our Inkling Production Center (IPC) provides the unique digital skills and operational scale to meet the most demanding Inkling projects: hundreds of skilled editorial, design, and technical staff are dedicated to designing and creating Inkling content.

In fact, we’ve built more than 1,600 titles and courses to date.

Making interactive happen

Inkling’s Habitat platform facilitates the creation of omni-channel interactive content by embracing the realities of modern publishing: outsourced production, legacy content repositories, and the need for cost-effective scale.

By taking care of any technical challenges, Habitat allows your authors and editors to author and edit with the same familiar tools and workflows they use now.

One-click publishing?

Your organization can realize the promise of digital publishing technology—cross-platform deployment at a click, instant updating, and semantically organized content—while focusing on what you do best: writing and designing content.

Backed by more than 25 years of experience in digital publishing, the Inkling–Aptara partnership can help you structure your content, enhance it with interactive elements and semantic tagging, and apply a beautiful responsive design.

If your objective is to get compelling and interactive titles to market fast, Aptara is your go-to design and build partner.