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Project Management

Achieving your electronic publishing project’s quality, time and budget goals

If your objective is to streamline your digital publishing production processes, then partnering with Aptara, the leading digital publishing service provider, is the best decision you can make. 

Aptara is committed to taking your digital publishing project across the finish line smoothly, expertly, and with an end product that positions you for success in a dynamic global marketplace.

Project Management Services

Once entrusted with your project, Aptara’s editorial and digital content production managers carry it through from start to finish, with seasoned expertise, proven methodology, and leading-edge project management tools.  In addition to fail-safe scheduling and tracking, our project management services range from composition only to full-service and can include:

  • Author management and communications
  • Editorial oversight in the publisher’s best interest
  • Coordinating and consolidating page corrections
  • Monitoring and escalating book length issues
  • Monitoring publishing cost impact
  • Compiling front and back matter
  • Managing ancillary content

Partner with Aptara to manage a single project portfolio or your entire digital publishing production process.

Key Problems Solved

  1. Overwhelmed by multiple projects with tight resource constraints and conflicting goals
  2. Lack of project management capacity, skills or experience
  3. Repeated project budget and time overruns