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Aptara regularly hosts webinars and seminars, and participates in the content and business solutions industries’ most important trade shows. Preview our calendar and pay us a visit.

Webinar topic: Disengaged Employees? Use Training to Drive Employee Engagement!

Date: 10th June 2021 | Time:  11 AM EST


Employee disengagement leads to a range of problems, register for our webinar to learn how training can contribute to high engagement rates.

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Session: The Society for Scholarly Publishing’s 43rd Annual Meeting

Date: 24th  May 2021 | Time:  1:00 – 1:20 PM


Hear our experts at Industry Breakout Session 5

  • Automated tagging/pre-editing that leverages our AI/ML processing.
  • Platform migration assistance and accessibility tagging (and we have a special guest later in the presentation to talk about their experience).
  • SciPris APC collections are now integrated with page production and includes a publisher portal for deal management and pricing updates.
  • Knowledge Discovery from Data harvesting, anomaly detection and association learning in tandem with tailored customer support to meet the needs of the changing publishing world.


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Webinar topic: Organizational Transformation through Virtual Learning

Date: 4th March 2021 | Time:  11 AM EST

Details: The adoption of Virtual Learning in an organization not only enhances its learning and development but also brings about organizational transformation. Want to know how? Join our webinar that will discuss the critical role of Virtualization and Virtual Learning in Organizational Transformation.

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