Learning Administration Services

Learning Delivery and Support Service teams are under constant price and productivity pressures trying to balance budgets and exceed learner experience expectations. Learning Providers need proficient learning administration support teams to meet organizational and learner expectations.

Aptara partners with clients to provide Learning Administration Services (LAS),building scalable, sustainable, and efficient teams that deliver an operational advantage toward learning delivery and support.

Aptara’s End-To-End Learning Administration Services (LAS)

Aptara provides end-to-end Learning Administration Services (LAS) with the expertise to work with various custom, open-source, and commercial Learning Management Systems (LMS), enabling our clients to realize cost savings between 40-50% by implementing our 24×7 scalable model.

Aptara’s Service Model

Aptara understands the need to maintain budgets while increasing productivity year on year. We work with our clients using dedicated and shared service models so that they don’t have to bear the high costs of increased headcount and services.


Here is how you can increase your organization’s efficiency while saving costs with Aptara’s End-to-End Learning Administration Services (LAS):

  • Incident Management
  • User Management
  • Curriculum and Content Management
  • Content Development and Testing
  • Virtual Classroom Scheduling and Roster Management
  • Virtual Event Production
  • Standard and Custom Reporting
  • 24/7 Global Helpdesk and Technical Support
  • Hosting and Platform Maintenance Support
  • Knowledge Transfer and Vendor Transition
  • Customized Transition and Induction Programs
  • LMS Implementation
  • Content Migration and Transformation
  • Multi-Shore, Dedicated, and Shared Team Models
  • Resource Optimization and Scalability
  • Productivity and Cost Efficiencies
  • Learner Experience Management
  • Content, Platform, and Tools Development Teams
  • Consultative Approach to Problem Solving
  • Learner Satisfaction Surveys
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