Learning Administration Services

Would you like to focus on Learning Strategy without worrying about Learning Administration and its rising costs?

Aptara- your strategic partner for Learning Administration Services, with proven expertise in building and managing scalable, sustainable, and efficient high-performance solutions, provides you with the additional competitive edge needed to further your learning success. By partnering with Aptara, your organization can focus ‘strategically’ on your learning strategy while having the confidence for continued performance improvement.

Aptara’s End-to-End Learning Services (LAS)

Aptara provides end-to-end robust and performance-driven Learning Administration Services (LAS) with the expertise to work with forty different (custom, open-source and commercial) Learning Management Systems (LMSs) enabling our customers to realize cost savings between 40-60% by implementing our 24×7 scalable model. 


Here is how you can increase your organization’s efficiency while saving costs with Aptara’s End-to-End Learning Administration Services (LAS):