Strategic Learning Analysis

20% of all performance is driven by training—yet 80% of training does not improve performance to desired levels. The causes of poor learning lay throughout the learning system. Aptara’s Strategic Learning Analysis maps the system, uncovers and addresses the gaps, and provides a roadmap to improve training effectiveness to near 100% of desired results.


Whether for an entire enterprise, department, or specific learning solution, our 30 years of unique expertise in providing holistic analysis ensures the learning, performance, and business results you need and want.  


Partner with us and you’ll see why our expertise is unique and unparalleled in the industry.

Winner of 38 Brandon Hall, 35 Training Industry & 4 Chief Learning Officer Awards.  



  • Identifies best-in-class future learning state
  • Determines current learning state
  • Delivers a report with phased road map recommendations
  • Provides innovative learning ideas
  • Provides measurable results Including ROI

Why Aptara is Truly Unique from All Others Offering Analysis

Quite a few companies will offer you analysis services, but this is why Aptara is truly unique—no, really—truly unique and not surpassed by anyone else in the industry.


First, our process contains steps that are not found in any other vendor’s process.  These steps are based on extensive best practice research. This is our ‘secret sauce’ and which must be included if you want to go from an 80% failure rate in learning to a near 100% success rate—driving the same level of performance and business metrics. If you choose to collaborate with us, we’ll share those with you as we use them.


Second, you’d want the best person possible when repairing something of great personal value to you. That’s even more important when ‘repairing’ and improving your entire company’s or department’s training. Our consultants have been extensively vetted—both when hired and as evidenced by their extensive successful experience with our clients. This experience has been supported by their formal education—which includes advanced degrees, certifications held by only a few hundred to a few thousand in the world, and awards by industry experts as being some of the best practitioners in the world. 


After-Analysis Support

Once we collaboratively build your roadmap, if there is ANY area in which you lack the resources to complete that journey, we can provide those best-in-class resources for you.

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