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Aptara has been rendering services to the Automotive industry for nearly two decades. We create/enrich service, repair, owner, and troubleshooting manuals for cars, medium/heavy-duty trucks, agriculture, aircraft, and marines. For the aftermarket, we offer OEM-focused solutions for both diagnostic and repair content.


Our team of SMEs is well-versed with the content of over 30 OEMs from passenger/commercial vehicle, agriculture, aircrafts, and marine industry. We have the flexibility to adapt to project-specific requirements, topped by the multistage QA process for ensuring delivery of technically accurate content. All of our projects stay under the constant vigilance of industry-trained SMEs.

  • Content Creation: We author troubleshooting and service/repair manuals from scratch, based on input from Subject Matter Experts.
  • Content Enrichment: Aptara helps its customers in converting and standardizing pre-existing content to make it more user-friendly. Our services include platform migration, OEM content enrichment, re-authoring, and restructuring based on customer needs.
  • Graphic Designing: Our content is complemented by detailed graphics to better assist the end-user. Graphic designing services include the creation of mechanical images, schematics, and wiring diagrams.
  • 3D Models: We create 3D models of systems to showcase the locations and relative sizes of various installed components. 3D models are also used for generating video output, which provides the end-user step-by-step guidance for service and repair.

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