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Realizing measurable gains with eLearning solutions

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 25th Jun 2012

Digital content development has been the name of the game in corporate training as innovative eLearning solutions engage audiences more effectively and provide more immediate feedback.


eLearning solutions extend audience of training programs

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 13th Jun 2012

From reducing training manager travel expenses to engaging the audience on a more personal level, eLearning solutions present a host of opportunities that should be on the radar of any human resources department looking to grow from within.


EBook publishing offers new avenue for customer engagement

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 10th May 2012

With some of the more common digital marketing tactics still failing to align with consumer expectations, original eBook publishing could be a smart path for companies to explore.


Meet your company's new director of training: The iPad

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 23rd Apr 2012

Human resources managers have been captivated by the iPad's versatility and potential as a new platform to host eLearning solutions and retain trainees' attention.


BYOD paving way for B2B eBook publishing

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 17th Apr 2012

The influx of mobile devices in the workplace is forcing companies to reexamine their digital content production strategies and distribute proprietary materials through a greater variety of platforms.



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