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Make corporate training a game

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 22nd Feb 2016

Creating corporate learning environments that utilize the structures and rules of games brings a myriad of benefits to the process, some more obvious than others.


Next-generation corporate training methods

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 5th Feb 2016

Cutting-edge companies are now leveraging emerging methods of corporate training to keep their workers engaged, creating better-prepared employees in less time.


Gamification makes for better corporate training

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 29th Jan 2016

Gamification in corporate training is a new concept, and although gamified processes are just beginning to take hold, they are the wave of the future thanks to the ways they can improve outcomes for the people involved in the training.


Microlearning works with the brain to aid comprehension

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 27th Jan 2016

Microlearning "nuggets" are the future of corporate learning, and as time goes on, training will become more granular and bite-sized. This new type of learning will quickly overwhelm the more traditional styles, and soon the day-long training session will be a thing of the past.


Microlearning is the future of on the job training

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 22nd Jan 2016

The days of attending seminars and classes or of large group session training courses are over. The new way forward is small units of information consumed as needed by employees without interference in their normal daily workflow.


The advantages of eLearning for corporate training

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 22nd Jan 2016

Seventy-seven percent of companies in the United States use some form of eLearning to train their employees. That the number is so high is no surprise considering all of the advantages that electronic learning styles hold over traditional learning.


New eBook formats are better for corporate training

Aptara Editorial | Posted on 18th Jan 2016

Many electronic reading materials are still in the PDF format, and while that works well for users reading on a computer, it falls short on mobile devices. In order to allow a company's eLearning suite to be useful to the largest slice of its employees transitioning to a modern eBook format is vital.



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