Change Management

Change Management

Project management is about achieving project outcomes/delivery. Change management is about getting the delivered project used and achieving business outcomes.  Best when both collaborate.


Organizations must make a better effort to link change initiatives with economic results. David Leonard and Claude Coltea from Gallup’s research shared that 70 percent of all change initiatives fail. 


The winners of the future will be those who can out-change the competition while staying aligned with customer demands. Organizational agility will be key, and a change management capability is central to increasing agility. The establishment of change management serves to increase change management application, maturity, and credibility.


Aptara’s Top Change Management Services

  • Support change management at the organizational level

  • Apply a structured methodology and lead change management

  • Support communication efforts

  • Support training effort

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Change experiences

Aptara’s competitive difference includes applying DISC Personality Types, DMAIC Control, and Accountability Culture to change management—plus becoming an industry center of expertise with certifications, events, and/or event support, etc.

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