Organizational Development

Every action within a company can be reduced to a performance and an outcome (a result of that performance) that can be measured and that has a financial impact. 100% of the actions that all employees and leaders complete each day fall within the impact of and can be enhanced by Organizational Development.  


The Process

Organizational Development is the well-defined practice of:


  1. Measuring current performance.
  2. Comparing it to the best that can be done—either the desired goal or benchmarking.
  3. Identifying the performance gap.
  4. Identifying the possible cause(s) of that gap.
  5. Identifying the possible solutions that will address those causes.
  6. Implementing the solutions.
  7. Re-measuring the performance—to make sure the performance is improved, the gap is closed, and the solutions were the correct ones!


Aptara’s Organizational Development Solutions


Aptara offers Organizational Development solutions at the following levels—and for which some examples are provided.

  1. Organization or Business Unit Level

  • Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Communications
  • Organization Design/Effectiveness
  • Quality/Productivity Systems
  • Survey Design and Feedback
  • Knowledge Management
  • Succession Planning Systems
  • Leadership Development Training

  • Technical and Professional Training
  • Competency Design
  • Change Navigation
  • Culture Transformation
  • Recognition and Reward Systems
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Conflict Resolution

  1. Team Level

  • Virtual Teams
  • High-Performance Team Building
  • Team Assessment

  • Team Skill Development
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategic Alignment

  1. Others

  • Job Aids/Quick Reference Guides
  • Meeting Design/Effectiveness
  • Instructional Design and Development
  • Assessment of Design and Feedback
  • Technical Writing (Procedures Documentation)

  • eLearning Development
  • Performance Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Executive Coaching and Development

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