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Finding Fortune With Predictive Semantics

BookBusiness | February, 2014

Aptara's Pavan Arora offers insight into selling more eBooks using predictive analytics.

Q&A With Aptara’s Pavan Arora: Predictive Semantics & Metadata Resolutions for 2014

BookBusiness | January, 2014

Information on semantic metadata and a possible New Year's resolution publishers might want to consider for driving more digital revenue in 2014.

Aptara Wins 2012 CLO Excellence in Social Learning Award For Work With Hilton Hotels

November, 2012

Aptara partnered with Hilton Hotels to connect hotel general managers across the globe.

Rowling's eBook Glitch a Cautionary Tale

October, 2012

Aptara's Sriram Panchanathan offers eBook production guidance for avoiding the errors suffered by JK Rowling's latest release.

Amen to That! The Vatican Publishes its First eBooks

July, 2012

Book Business - Aptara Announces Publishing Partnership with the Vatican.

The Same Challenge Facing eBooks and Apps

March, 2012

The new book publishing business is starting to look more and more like the software industry.

M&A in Publishing Technology Heats up; More Acquisitions to Come

March, 2012

Just when you thought you had a handle on what’s going on in the world of e-book technology, everything changes.

Publishing Players Speculate on Apple’s Industry-Changing Announcement

January, 2012

Apple will hold its first public event since the death of its founder, this time, in New York. The location has led to speculation that it is about the book publishing industry, and specifically textbooks.

Five Tablet Trends Signaled by the New Kobo Vox

October, 2011

As the eReader battle intensifies, ebook publishers are getting a glimpse into their own future. Jumping ahead of its biggest competitor, Toronto-based Kobo announced that it will ship its new color eReader, the Vox, on October 28.

Sparking eBook Sales with Fire?

September, 2011

Discover the eBook production and sales implications of Amazon's new Fire tablet.